Yes!!!  There are 3 available memberships for downloading Books.

1. BRONZE:  3 book download for R 10.00

2. SILVER:  10 book download for R20.00

3. VIP:   60+ book downloads for R 45.00

A: Click on the required membership and add it to your cart. on checkout please give us all your detail to create a transaction. Place the ORDER and it will link you to PAY FAST to complete.

Once paid your login will automatically show you as a member and you may go ahead and download your books.

On a PC or laptop you can use the normal Adobe Reader to open your downloads. Click the icons available in the software to download the APP…( You only need to install this PDF reader once on your device…)

On your Android device you can use the links provided to install the Adobe Reader App on your smartphone. (You only need to install this PDF reader once on your device.)

A: In the software is a link to the READ ALOUD APP. Click this and install this APP on your device…PDF downloads can be either read directly in Adobe or read to you in READ ALOUD…

The Afro Story App is directly linked to the Web App back end and is updated immediately after each back end update. This means that each time you open the APP it loads the latest version of the App on the Front end. No need to do App updates its all automatic…

Yes you can !!! Please email us a PDF or Word copy of your book, together with a front cover if you have one to us and we will submit it to the book committee for approvals and publication. You are allowed to SELL your eBook through the APP with and generate direct revenue for each copy sold.

Yes!!! We will be adding approx 5 new books each month moving forward.

Yes it will!!! We are currently creating the Apple Play Store .IOS version of the App which will be available shortly.

Yes you can!!!   Once you have downloaded your books onto your device they are available to READ or READ ALOUD off line without an internet connection.

You only need an internet connection to register and become a member and to download your books..

A: If this FAQ does not include your queries please click the MENU and go to Contact US and fill in the form…we will get back to you…